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But an attorney for Roger Buonanno, of 14 Boisvert Road, Tewksbury, says his client wasn't drunk, and displayed his legally owned handgun only once he felt threatened by three other men who were involved in the incident. "He's a solid member of the community and an honorably discharged veteran," attorney Steven Rappaport said. "He displayed his gun when he felt threatened." The incident began Saturday, about 4:30 p.m., when Buonanno was driving on Cambridge Street in Burlington, according to police. Assistant District Attorney Andrew Ineson said another vehicle cut Buonanno off, which prompted Buonanno to follow that vehicle as the incident entered Billerica. Buonanno followed that vehicle to a home on Lindsay Road in Billerica, according to police. Rappaport said Buonanno was on the phone with police at the time, reporting that the other vehicle was being driven erratically and nearly caused an accident, and that he was trying to get the other vehicle's license plate number. Police said dispatchers repeatedly told Buonanno not to follow the vehicle, but that he did so anyway. Ineson said Buonanno pulled up to the driveway of the home where the other vehicle stopped, and that he then pointed a handgun at three men in the driveway. Ineson said a witness told police one of the men in the driveway also pulled a handgun. But Rappaport said Buonanno only displayed his gun once he felt threatened by three large men in the driveway, one of whom was also armed. "He didn't point it at anybody," Rappaport said. "He merely made it clear that he had a gun." Officers soon arrived at the scene and took Buonanno into custody after determining he was drunk, according to police. Police said there were several beers inside Buonanno's vehicle.

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