Let’s Start With What Appears To Be A Very Sane, Very Non-trump Divorce.

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As it turns out, she might just be the most sane Trump in the family. Let’s start with what appears to be a very sane, very non-Trump divorce. As the Times notes, Trump opted to file for an “uncontested divorce,” which means, basically: no fight, no drama. Trump also hired a criminal defense attorney, David Feureisen, to represent her in the case. He has a background in both civil and criminal cases , but he’s also got a family connection; he represented her mother, Bonnie Kay Haydon, in a real-estate case recently. But her sensible choices don’t just stop at the most recent event in her marriage. Christine Schott, Trump’s former publicist, told the Times that Vanessa never approved of Don Jr.’s controversial love of big-game hunting. “I know she wasn’t thrilled that he hunted as he did,” she said. “I know she wanted to keep it on the D.L. She knew that was going to be a big issue, socially.” During their marriage, the former model was reportedly not one to seek the spotlight, while Don Jr. seemed to share his father’s blatant thirst for attention and fame, both on The Apprentice and the campaign trail. As Vanity Fair noted via Page Six, the decision to divorce has not been a new one for Trump.

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